FloorTraction Treats Stone Based Floors for Slip and Fall Prevention.

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Surfaces We Treat

Nearly all hard surface floors are slippery when they become wet. Anti slip floor treatments must be considered. Whether ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile, granite, marble, travertine, limestone, concrete, and others, they all become high risk when wet. Because slip resistant solutions are different for various situations and floor types, FloorTraction understands a unique approach is required on every project. FloorTraction’s proprietary formula is mixed to precise ratios for each individual floor type and applied by our fully trained technicians. The solution is applied to the floor, agitated on the surface, and then extracted from the area. As soon as the surface dries, it’s ready for normal traffic. The result is superior traction on wet floors, significant reduction in potential liabilities, and best of all, peace of mind. Our solution does not affect the aesthetics of the floor as it’s not a topical based solution that is left on the surface. Contact us to today to ensure your floors are slip resistant when wet.

FloorTraction specializes in fixing floors that are slippery when wet. We also remove the source of common trips as well. 

Area of expertise includes:

  • Interior and Exterior Walkway Surfaces
  • Stone Based Floors Including Most Tiles
  • Eliminating the Need for Floor Matting and Rugs (tripping hazards) 
  • Stairs, Steps, and Landing Areas
  • Bathtubs, Showers, and Pool Decks
  • OSHA “Walking and Working Surfaces”
  • Eliminating the Need for "Slip Resistant" Footwear